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TOP 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Websites

Stop Words in Title

Stop wording is one of the biggest mistake in web designing specially when it exist in the title of your website. Stop words are usually helping verbs like is, the ,with,to,lets. The search engine robots ignore them and they just search the keywords related to the visitors search. So never use these stop words in the title of your website. Here you can check your stop words in your website.

Pictures without Identification

Search engine's robots also search the images of the content when they are going to search some content. It is very important that your images on the website is properly name and captions . Also provide the alternative text of the images.If your image have no identity then search engines ignore your images and it effect the search the textual content of your blog.

Text Decoration

Some websites used highly decorated text in their content which is not good thing according to the SEO experts. This is way because all user machines are not same and there is chances that users machine not support the highly decorated text and the result browser show them the default text which exist in their machine and this factor reduce the usability and readability of the website.


Duplication is strictly disallowed is search engine. Robots makes an images of their search every time and whenever they find same copy material they ignore them and treat that as a spam. Search engine support uniquely content every time and listed the website based upon the uniqueness of the content.

Irrelevant Keywords and Meta tags

Meta tags and keywords are the backbone of the website. Meta tags are keywords define the overall structure of the website and search engine come to meta tags directly after reading the title. Sometime web designers put a lot of meta tags and keywords which is also not good. if you put a lot of meta tags then search engine treat as spam and leave all of your meta tags.

Flash Technology

Indeed Flash technology looking very attractive when you play it on highly powerful machine. But a big problem is that search engine totally ignore the flash technology from the searching list. The HTML give  best solution for it in which you show text to the search engine and on the other hand your reader will see the image or flash animated material. This technique need a little effort but if you used flash technology without it then it may drop you from the search engines's searching/

No Social Media plugins

Many websites has very small social media plugins (invisible) or no plugins on their contents. Social plugins play an important rule in SEO and your content shared on the social media through these plugin. Make your plugin easily visible to the reader and the can easily shared and comment it.

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