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Best Language for Learning Programming and Coding

Best Language for Learning Programming and CodingComputer Programs are the Set of Instructions which execute in a sequence to generate a specific output or result.To give any instruction to the computer we need a language which is understandable for computer. For this purpose the compiler was made. A Compiler change the human readable code in machine language which is understandable for computer. Now a days there are many compilers and languages are in the market for the development purpose in the field of information technology. But the question which raise in many developers,beginners and student minds is that "Which language is best for learning ? " which language is best for development ? which language is best for designing a web application ? which language is best for best coding practice ?
The answer for all these questions is just one word and that is "Repeat ion", "Repeat ion", "Repeat ion". All the languages are best and the all have their own  characteristic for different purpose and for making different application . if you can code or program in one language then you can code in any language . Programming is not dependent on language but programming is your skill which shows the ability of your problem solving .There are Hundred of programming language and for a single person it is not possible to learn all these languages but if you are a good programmer or coder then you can write any piece of code in any language without any problem. You just need syntax of that language and develop the solution with using your programming and problem solving skill. After learning some basic concept of programming definitely there are language which support your skill with their characteristic and here is the list of that language .


Python is very good language for beginners because it has very simple syntax. Python.Python has their own online compilers which mean you can test your code without installing the compliers in your computer. Python is used in web development application like search engine,micro frameworks, and Email processing.


C/C++ also a known as medium language because it has the characteristic of both the  High Level language (HLL) and the low level language (LLL).A HLL code is understandable for human while LLL code is a machine language code which is not understandable for human. C++  has a little bit difficult but understandable syntax and that is the reason many programmer suggest to practice in python  instead of C/C++. C/C++ has a great usage in embedded software system.


Java is pure Object oriented language which is very now a days. Java language is platform independent which you can run your Java application in any system. Java compile its code in byte code which is acceptable for all
system. Java has great part in Mobile application (ANDROID),web application (Applet),and Object oriented system.


 Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and hyper text mark-up language is used for making web pages and application.The goal of these languages is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.

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