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How to Become a Good Programer

How to Become a Good ProgramerProgramming is fun and if you love it you enjoy it, but for many student and beginners this is not right .They think that programming is boring and tough thing which is very difficult and they can't do it well. Yes it is boring ,yes it is difficult,yes it is tough but if you don't do it with concentration. According to my experience the code which i write and its running correctly give me so much joy:). They only thing which develop your interest in do practice ,practice and practice.Here are some tips which help you to become a good programmer.

    Understand the Problem 

You should have ability to understand the problem and requirements. if you understand your problem and requirements completely its mean you almost solve your problem. if you have a strong grip on requirement engineering then your coding and programming skill touch the sky.

Basic of Programming

Understand the basic of programming like loops,conditional statements,Arrays,String and other data type and their correct usage to get efficient result.Many Student try to jump high and leave the basic without clear understanding which later create a lot of problems for them.Always have clear mind about the basic thing of programming because these are very important and use everywhere in any type of programming.

Solving the Problem

Never going for writing the code before you completely solve your problem on notebook.When you completely solve your problem then open the complier and start writing the code. Start Writing code before knowing the solution causes feeling bore,mind tired, and also reduce the efficiency of the solution.

     Internet is your Enemy

Accept it that if you use Google as first priority to solve your programming problems then it is your biggest enemy on the earth.Never go for Google to get solution, find it your self,read books,contact your teachers,discuss your problem on programmers forum. This will increase your ability to solve the problem and also you learn more.

     Attend online classes

Register yourself on online class and attend these class regularly . Most of the courses are very and very useful for learning purpose. Some of the great websites which offer you free online video classes are

Learn from the other codes

Try to understand the codes of other coders and programmers.If you are student and then its best for you to get the codes of all your friend after the semester project and try to understand ,if problem then asked them and get the solution. This technique will boost your ability of team work.

No Fear from lines of Codes

Never feel fear from the large number of codes. Try to write and understand the codes in section with proper commenting and with good variable name. Good variable name help you to reuse your code whenever you need to change it .Also follow the basic OOP concept and try to use best data structure for your problem.

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