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How to Deal with Errors in Programming

How to Deal with Errors in ProgrammingA Set of computer instructions is known as Computer Program. Programming is very interesting if every time its Code Run Correctly :). But when there are errors and difficulties in programming then many student and beginners think that it is very difficult subject and we should not choose programming as a Career. Don't worry if you have feeling like this here we have a complete solution of your problems in programming.Here is some tips for you if you feel dull in programming.

Find the Real Problem

In Programming it is the problem of many student that the don't know the actual problem. Sometimes their requirements are not clear and due to this reason they can't develop their solution in best ways. Always read and understand problem Requirements 3 three times. its better to discuss it with some other developer or class follow and teacher so you can find the Hidden requirement and clear the ambiguity.

     Time Management 

If You have a problem in your code and you are unable to solve it then leave the laptop or desktop for some moments and rest. Never try to solve the whole problem in once time. Work in pieces and every time think the best solution for your problem. Chose the best time when there is no one which disturb you when you  are working on your task . Also chose the best Environment and comfortable place for your Working on your problem.

     Read Books

Books help a lot in learning instead of internet.You Must have at-least 5 good programming books,read them , make analysis and comparison of your problem with them and relate the topic with them.This Technique will give you a lot of knowledge instead of just going to Google and goggling your topic.

     Don't be Inspire but hard work

No Programmer is good without a lot of programming practice. Many student and developers inspired by someone with think that God bless him with such a great programming mind.My teacher says to me in university time that if you can buy some thing from a shop and give them and return them correct bills then you could become a great programmer . The only think which make a man perfect is practice practice and practice.

     Love Your Degree and Technology

After admission and spending 3,4 semester many student think that they should not be in this technology or my mind does not accept the knowledge of this field . This is the first step when your failure start and you start losing. Always love your work and field .If there is a lot of problem in your work or field then keep in mind that GOD chose you because only you can solve them . Be motivative and confident every time and when you start working with confident definitely success will be in your feet. have a nice career :)

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