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5 ways to get Huge traffic from Facebook

5 ways to get Huge traffic from Facebook Facebook is one of the biggest and popular social network in the world where every day Million of people share their views ideas and their special life event. In Alexa ranking Facebook rank is # 2 with PR# 9 which is one of the best figure after Google. Today many successful websites and developers use Facebook as a biggest traffic source. LEP also have the team of expert who has great experience in social bookmarking websites. Here is the some important tips for you if you want to use Facebook as a great traffic source for your website.

Facebook Page

Facebook page is one of the best t hing for your website and the web traffic for your site. Now a days there is no great website which has no page on social media. Facebook page connect your visitor more close to you and they feel easy to discuss there points on the page.Another reason to must have Facebook page is that Facebook has huge community of user and its very easy for customers to comment or like or suggest something on your website with their real identity. So connect your Facebook page on your website and be active on that.


Comments is one of the best way to interact with your customers. Facebook also provide the comment widget for your website in which customers can comment on your website and post , like that and share them . To make more useful ,you must have a person who replay every comment which fall on your website from customers. Customer feel respect and love if you replay them and listen their views and problem directly in comment and answer them . Comment also help to rank your website in best figure because SEO algorithm also check the user interest in your content and website.


Tagging is one the best magic of Facebook for your website and for you webpage improvement in visitors. Tagging send your websites and link which you put in your post to thousand of active user.  Try to must tag every customers and mention them in comment once in a week . This will help you to find more customer and unique visitors.

Facebook Group

This is another best facility which Facebook give to the developers . Create a group with the name of your websites or the title which you use on your website. Post daily in your group and try to interact with your members in best ways . Create a friendly environment and asked your members about their suggestion, and their needs on the websites . This way help you to create a big active community on social media and will become the the source of huge traffic from the Facebook to your websites.  

Your Logo

Your website Logo is identity of your website in the world of web. Use same logo all around the web world. Also punch your logo in every post and picture with the URL of the website or page . Replay the customers comments from the account which use your team logo. This is the sign of teamwork and user feel good to be part of communication with the whole team.

 Best Times

This Factor help a lot to rotate your website all around the world. Try to choose best time for sharing and in research its clear that the post which share in the evening get 50 more likes then any other time of the day . In the evening there is almost every person is online and goggling and searching and busy in their fun and developers take the fully advantage of this time and drive huge traffic to their websites.

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