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How to Rank your Website in Google best Index

Web designing and web development are very popular IT field now a days. Web development and designing deal with web pages which exist on different search engine and people search them. Search engines use their special algorithm to rank these pages. These Algorithm check the Quality of the pages, their content, and their update periods . When a Search Engine get a page of any website in his indexing (site link ) then it mean that website is optimizing. Here is some tips which are very useful if you want to optimize your website in search engines.

      Unique Content

Search Engines check the quality of the page very sensitively. Topic heading and content matter a lot and their should be a relative relation between these. Words density and and the way of defining help a lot to make your page best on search engine page indexing. Use Google adword keyword tool to give the title and subtitle of your website. Make best look of your label and categories.

  Daily Update

Update your web pages daily. Search engine robot visit your website daily and take the links which further use in indexing process of a website . if you don't update  your website on daily bases then they leave up your site and link and the indexing process slow down or even sometime terminate .

  Home Page

Your website Home page should be excellent and not very larger . Large page sometime take a lot time to load and search engine never like the website which follow this. Avoid unnecessary widget and gadget on your website Home page. Avoid to use large social sites button on site . Put a Attractive welcome and solid message of your website and the purpose of the website.

  SEO Tools

Use the SEO tool for each of your website's post . Choose the best and reliable template which match your content . Avoid too much advertisement on your pages because lot of advertisement disturb the user and they did not fell well. Make a Sitemap for your website because sitemap help a lot search engine to take the links from your websites. Also Choose the good domain name and good hosting company which build both , your and customer trust and confident .

       Social Media

Now a days Social Media become a large source which provide you a lot of web traffic for your websites and blogs . Making best using of social media connect you more with customers. Facebook, Google+ , Twitter, Linkdin, Reddit and StumbleUpon provide you tones of visitor per day. The visitors which come to your website with higher page rank also become the reason to take your website on High page rank in google. If you follow all these tips and work hard very soon your webpages make a good places in search engines.

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