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5 Benefits of Social Media

5 Benefits of Social MediaToday social media play an important role in any business all around the world. There is huge amount of customers which drive to your business or website through the social gathering websites. Social media is a big source of traffic for your online business. Here we discuss some benefits and importance of social for your website and online business.

Page Rank

Page Rank is the most important term in websites . The Higher Page rank mean you  have a quality website which has proper SEO and with quality work and content. One thing to be noted here that all the search engine check the referral website through which your visitors drive to your website . Mostly social websites has PR more then 7 and it is very good for your website if a visitor or customer drive to your website with such a high page rank . This Factor play a big role to make your website in good figure and also a good page Rank.

Global world

Social media is a large place where every time thousand of people are online and sharing their life cycle events . If you have a attractive sharing and advertising on social media then the customers and visitors from all around the world visit your websites and links . This thing is also a very good and friendly for search engine if you have thousand of IP address from all around the world .Through this,Search engine make good indexing of your website in the sub servers of  Google for countries.


Feedback help you to give your customer what they demand. In social media commenting and ideas sharing is at the top level . You listen your customers directly and through this you can drive your website according to the customers and visitors suggestion , views, and feed back .Forum on your website and discussion on it build up customer's trust and they feel good . Search engine also check the time of a customer which he spent on your website. If your discussion forum and commenting replay is good and quick then of course customer stay on your website which will be a good thing for your website.

Attractive sharing for your website

Pictures has more attraction then words . In website you can not post image for each website to gain attraction for your customers. But social media solve this problem because they are build for this purpose . This is the best thing to present your every post in best ways with attraction images .I personally experience this and drive a huge traffic from the popular social sites to my websites and this is the reason that the social media is one of the best source of traffic to my websites.

Search Engine Support

Some search engine support some special social media sites and upgrade your website page rank with the measuring of traffic from their supported social site .For example if you have a good sharing on Google plus then the world biggest search engine like it and boost up your website index . On the other hand WordPress is most optimized with Facebook . if you have site on WordPress then your post share on Facebook will be earn more then blogger post on Facebook . In short whatever you have but we can't neglect the role of social media now days.

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