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Improve Programming Skills and learn logic building techniques

Ability to solve a problem in your own natural way is known as logic .In programming ,developing and coding this word frequently used. Every person has its own mind and everyone try to solve his problem in easiest way.Programming is that thing where your these skill matter a lot. Your efficient logic and solution make your code and program unique and attractive from other . Today we will share some tips in this article which help you to build your logic and improve your problem solving skill.

Never go for code with insufficient requirements 

Never go for code with insufficient requirements. First gain all requirements and understand the problem clearly. After this draw the rough solution on notebook. Think how many ways to solve this problem and which one solution is best to solve it. Manage time for each section of the problem. Remove your confusion before starting and write down all the formulas which you think will be used in you solution . This is very important thing and this is the think which clear us which data type should be used in our solution. Many student and beginners take it so easy but remember this is one of the biggest and important thing which make your programmer very rich or very poor . so always chose data types very carefully.

Love Coding

Computer science student should love coding. The more you involve in it the more you learn.You have a solid grip in basic of programming like  Loops , OOP, Data types conversion,and conditions of nested if else . Start simple when you code some problem's solution and then modify it and enlarge to a complex system . Always follow the basic rule of coding in each and every piece of code like ,user can't enter wrong input, program never be crashed, and easily readable and understandable for all developers.

Book Reading Benefits in Programming

Books are the best friend of a programmer . Our teacher always advise us that if you are programming student and IT guy you must have to purchase a new book of programming after every two months . Book build your logic more and the study of book leave more effective impact on you mind. The reason is that when we read something online there is many thing around  the internet which reduce our attention while when we have a look at the book you just have material of reading and nothing else.

                           Learn From Errors in Programming

In programming errors are the best teacher which helping you to find new ways of solution. Always read the full error message whenever it occur and also read the complier hints for solution. Try to find all possible solutions for error solution like reading books,internet , programming forum and discussing it with others.Write document of the errors and think about it . This will help you to gain more better understanding .

Helping Others

This is another form of activity which help you to deal with the thinking of other programmers and developers. Listen their problems in programming, suggest them the best solution, try to help them in finding errors, and  in testing . Share your views on papuler websites like stack overflow and udacity. Also read code of others programmer , make change in them and try to embed their code with your codes .This thing will definitely boost up your coding reusabilty skills.


Testing is one of the most important thing in programming . it give you confidence about your skills and programs . To achieve this always keep specific time for testing your code and meanwhile try every thing which you think can crashed your code or give unexpected output .These are the suggestion which we share with you and we hope it will be helpful for beginners and student.

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