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Advantages of Java

Java is famous programming language release by Sun MicroSystem in 1995.The Founder of Java language is a computer scientist James Goslan. All the websites used 2.7% Java whose server-side programming. Java is full object oriented and class based language . There are many reason which attract developers to write code in Java and we discuss some of them here.

                                            Platform independent 

Java bytecode solve the problem of platform dependent in programming.  Many new developers confused about the topic of platform independent. Let me clear it with simple words, Java virtual machine (JVM) is required to compile the Java code in CPU. CPU just execute the JVM and JVM is platform independent . After this all the Java code goes to this JVM which execute the Java code and these Java codes are platform independent. So in short any system just run the JVM and JVM execute your Java code . This is one of the biggest advantage of Java and this is the reason that android shake hand with Java.

                                               Object oriented 

Java is fully object oriented language . This advantage gave developers to work on different modules at the same time in a team . Object oriented also increase the reusability of code very efficiently . Object oriented approach allow many people to participate in developing team and perform their own task without interrupting other and this thing reduce the maintenance cost .


This is one of the biggest advantage of Java which make it unique from other programming language . Multi-threading allow you to run a program in threads, mean you can run several process at a time in program.
Web programming is totally based on multi-threading and you can't go without threading . Java solve this issue and integrated it in his world.


Java is dynamic and extensible language .The Java programming language was designed to adapt to an evolving environment. New classes and method can be added to the working classes and methods without disturbing them . This mean you can add any class and method whenever you need them at run time. This is one of the biggest achievement in IT field and it increase the usability of developers codes.


Java has a huge amount of libraries which facilitate it developers in best ways . From small functions of string to multimedia application and complicated networking programming Java has special libraries and classes which are fully dress for developers. Java also provide best libraries for Desktop application.


Java is fully designed with the distrusting computing system. Java has special classes for networking which are used to communicate with other system over the network. Java code has ability to send and received data over the network.


Java cover many security issue for developers. Java cover all these issue on its lower layer mean in compiler and interpreter level design.In other language when you increase the security it reduce the performance speed but Java manage both thing in very efficient ways.

                                        Free and Easy to learn

Open Java development kit is free and open source which is available for all developers . Java code also is easy to understandable and easy debug. In short Java is best language which playing a big role in IT field for both the developers and the user.

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  1. I agree with your thoughts!!! As the demand of java programming application keeps on increasing, there is massive demand for java professionals in software development industries. Thus, taking training will assist students to be skilled java developers in leading MNCs.

  2. Hi Stan, JAVA is not at all difficult all you need is to clear your concepts mainly because the concepts of JAVA programming have been taken from day to day life examples.