Tuesday, 12 May 2015

5 Mistakes Programmers Make in Beginning

5 common mistake in programming “Programmers are the smartest people on the earth” This is first sentence that my professor said to us in Software engineering class. After listening this I really feel it when I run my first program “Helloworld.cppJ. Now after spending 3 years in programming I realize that there are some common mistakes that every programmer make in beginning.

Count Number of Code Lines

The Programmer who has large number of code lines in program is the most smartest and intelligent coder and programmer in the class. This is my thinking when I was in first semester and doing my first programming project. Some time I increase the number of comments in program just to increase the numbers of lines in program.

Programming for myself and for compiler not for People

In beginning it is sufficient if I understand my code and the code is compiling and running. I never think about the people that will use my code or try to understand it. The main purpose of my code at that time is only to generate output.

No Validation of input

Although my professor always mention in the program that input should be validate but we never pay attention to it. In beginning it is enough if the program is running because we easily defend the program to the professor by saying “Sir how a user can put character instead of digit when I clearly mention "please enter your number”J.    

Irrelevant Data Types and Global Variables

In beginning of programming I don’t care too much about data types. At that time I don’t feel any difference between int and double except this double store bigger number than int. I have no idea about memory storage and proper and suitable data type usage. The global variable are more comfortable for me at that time because I can call them easily in any function and in in scope of the program.

Variables and Functions Names

Professor always said your function name and class name should be meaningful name but we never listen in beginning. There is nothing exists like upper and lower case names of different classes and functions. We just put the class and functions names that are only understandable to us and sometime also not to us tooJ

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