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Calculate the average smallest and the largest number in Array | Array Exercise | Array Logic Building Exercise |

This is the logic building program on array exercise. The program reads a group of numbers from the user and places them in an array of type float. Once the numbers are stored in the array, the program calculate the average of the input numbers, find the smallest and the largest number from the group of input numbers and print the result for all calculations.

Source Code

using namespace std;
float division(float[],int);
float minMax(float[] ,int );
int main()
int size; //Array size
cout << "How many numbers do you want to input? ";
cin >> size;
float dataArray[size]; //Declaring dataArray
for(int index=0;index<size;index++) //Loop which inputs arrays data

cout << "Number " << index+1 << " is: ";
//Now calling division function to find the sum...
cout<<"Average of dataArray elements is "<<division(dataArray,size)<< endl;
return 0;
float division(float dataArray[],int size)
float sum;
float average=0;
for(int index=0;index<size;index++)
sum +=dataArray[index];
return average;
float minMax(float dataArray[],int size)
int max;
int min;

for (int index=0 ; index<size; index++)
if (dataArray[index] > max)
max = dataArray[index];
if (dataArray[index] < min)
min= dataArray[index];
cout<<"\nBiggest number is : "<<max;
cout<<"\nSmallest number is: "<<min<<endl;

Output of the Program

Array Logic Building Exercise

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