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Currency Converter Program in C++

Structure of the Problem Requirements 

This is very simple currency converter program in C++ Program . To convert a currency we just need the value of that currency in which we want to convert . In this problem we have some static values and set them on some different currency of different countries. After receiving the amount from the user the program show the converted currency of all countries.

Source Code

using namespace std;
void menu ();
int main ()
double pak = 1.89,dol = 60.67, ind = 1.1,pound = 112.56, euro = 126.54;
double amount ,converted_amount =0;
cin>> amount;
cout <<" Your Amount in PAK Rupees is : " <<amount*pak <<endl;
cout <<" Your Amount in Dollar is : " <<amount*dol<<endl;
cout <<" Your Amount in IND Rupees is : " <<amount*ind<<endl;
cout <<" Your Amount in Pound is : " <<amount*pound<<endl;
cout <<" Your Amount in Pak Euro is : " <<amount*euro<<endl;

void menu()
cout<<" \n \n \t \t \t LEP*****CURRENCY CONVERTOR*****LEP \n \n \n \n ";
cout<< "1. Pak Rupee \n 2. Dollor \n 3. Indian Rupee \n 4. Pound \n 5. Euro \n \n ";
cout<<" Enter Your Amount \n ";

Output of the Program

Currency Converter Program in C++

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