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constructor overloading in c++

Structure of the Problem Requirements

Constructor is used to initialize the data elements of the class. In this problem a constructor is overloaded three times and save the CMS numbers of the different student.

Source Code

using namespace std;
class CMS
int cmsNum,regNum;
CMS() //default constructor
cmsNum=regNum=0; //set the value of variables in default constructor
CMS(int x) //one arguments constructor
CMS(int x,int y)//Two arguments constructor
cmsNum = x;
regNum = y;
void Display() //Values display function
cout<<"Cms Number : "<<cmsNum<<endl<<endl;
cout<<"Reg Number : "<<regNum<<endl<<endl;
int main()
cout<<"\n\n\t ********* Constructor Overloading ************* \n\n";
CMS c(8651);
CMS c1(8661);
CMS c2(8939,8649);
return 0;

Output of the Program

constructor overloading in c++

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