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Advantages of C++

Bjarne Stroustrup is the founder of C++ language and it is extension to c. C++ is also known as medium level language because its has the functionality of both high and low level language. There is a large list of applications, and libraries that are completely or mostly written in C++. C++ and C are used heavily in embedded systems since one can have deterministic control of memory and other scarce resources. Most games are still written in C++, probably because there exists large frameworks written in C++ which have been fully tested and are very capable. C++ is a language capable of systems level programming, but also due to the provision of extensive libraries it is used for applications programming also. Almost every application running on your Desktop PC was written in C++.

When we used C++ ?

  •  Want to develop platform independent applications
  •  Need portable assembler
  •  Want to make heavy use of classes and inheritance.
  •  Only plan on working on one OS
  •  Want reasonable performance
  •  Developers already know C++
  •  Want to divide work on similar components to different people or teams

C++ in real time Applications

C++ is low level programming language with OOP supported, because it's such low level you are less restricted, and with less restrictions you have more power to manipulate things. Another great thing about C++ is that you have direct access to memory which attractive developers.These are the application and software which used C++ in their most of structure:
Amadeus : running the biggest non-military data center in Europe (in excess of 5000 transactions per second, 200000 terminals connected, 24/7 operation) is doing most of its current developments in C++.
Unix    : All Unix-based server applications are completely C++ like Car reservation, Customer profile serve, Electronic ticketing, TCP/IP front end
Apple   : the iPod user interface (uses Pixo application framework written in C++)
Photoshop & ImageReady : Structure of the Photoshop and imageReady in um complete without C++
MySQL   : MySQL server is totally based on C++ and its used approximately 250,000 C++ lines of code

Advantage of C++  

  • Native support for object oriented programming
  • Uncompromising low-level efficiency essential for C++ which allows us to use C++ to write device drivers
  • Provides inline functions which combine the efficiency of using macros
  • C++ is widely used for teaching and research
  • Legacy code (Code written by others or under a previous language, architecture, methodology, or framework that pertains to the current project.)

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