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Find Leap Year in C++

Structure of the Problem Requirements 

In this problem we will learn how to find leap year in C++ program . In Gregorian calendar there are three requirements for leap year .

1. The Year is Divisible by 4.
2. The Year is Divisible by 100.
3. The Year is Divisible by 400.

All these requirements must be fulfil to prove a year a Leap Year . Here is the source code of this problem which help you in better understanding.

Source Code   

using namespace std;
int main ()
int year;
cout<<" \t \t \t Find Leap Year \n \n ";
cout<<" Enter the Four Digit of Year : ";
if ( year%4 == 0 || year%400 == 0 || year%100 == 0)
cout<<"\t \t  Yes! The Year "<<year <<" is a Leap Year "<<endl;
cout<<"\t \t No! The Year "<<year <<" is Not a Leap Year "<<endl;

Output of the Program

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  1. You may want to check what a leap year is before posting such atrocity:

    1. thanks stranger for your interest . Dear we just build leap year program logic and explain it with few words .. Definitely Wikipedia has rich content about it. keep visiting