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What is inline Function in C++

Structure of the Problem Requirements 

In this problem we will learn how to use the inline Function in C++ and its working . inline Function is mostly used when we working on the classes and compiler jump here and there for collection the codes . The Structure of the inline function is that the compiler make a copy of each inline function and keep them every where ,where these function calls in main class. The technique save the time in very complicated application where time (nano seconds ) matter a lot . 

Source Code 

using namespace std;
inline int findmax (int  ,int  );
int main ()
int x,y;
cout<<" Enter Your Number : \n ";
cout<<" Enter Your Number : \n ";
cout<<" The Bigger Number is : "<<findmax(x,y);
inline int findmax (int a,int b)
return ( a > b ) ? a : b;

Output of the Program

C++ Programming
InLine function in C++

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  1. Good I have didn't know about too much that functions Use Thanks

    1. Thanks Brother being with us Keep in touch we will uploaded as these function very Soon :)