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Date , ls, CD Command in Linux Commands

Structure of the Problem Requirements 

In this lesson we will learn some important commands in Linux . Linux commands mode can be access be pressing Ctrl+Alt+t . In this lesson we used three commands first one will inform about the current date and time the second one tell about how to create a directory (also mention in previous lesson) and third one is ls command which show the list of files . Here is the source and output of these commands.

Source Code 

niazi@ubuntu:~$ date

Tue Aug 19 12:02:33 PDT 2014

niazi@ubuntu:~$ mkdir c++

niazi@ubuntu:~$ cd c++

niazi@ubuntu:~$ /c++$ mkdir java

niazi@ubuntu:~$ /c++$ cd

niazi@ubuntu:~$ ls c++



Output of  the Commands 

Linux Commands

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  1. How to delete a directory in linux ????

  2. What is difference between linux copy and move ???

  3. To delet a directory use rmdir.

    Copy creates a copy, the original remains. Move renames the original.