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How to create a directory in Linux

1. mkdir command in Linux
2. cd command in Linux
3. ls command in Linux

Introduction to Linux 

Linux is very powerful Server-oriented operating system which has many brilliant features. Linux is operation system which is flavour of Unix . Linux is multi-user and multi-tasking operating system. Linux is leading operating system on server and other big iron system such as mainframe computers supercomputers. Also note down that the most famous mobile OS Android is also built on Linux Kernel.

Structure of the Problem Requirements 

In this problem we will make two directories (directory within directory). For this purpose we will use three Linux command mkdir, cd and ls . mkdir command is used to create a directory in Linux , while cd command bring you to the home directory or where you want to enter any directory after giving it path. ls command is used to view the sub-directories in a directory in the List form.

Source Code  

niazi@ubuntu:~$  mkdir  LEP

niazi@ubuntu:~$  cd  LEP

niazi@ubuntu:~/ LEP$ mkdir

niazi@ubuntu:~/ LEP$  cd

niazi@ubuntu:~$ ls LEP


Output of the Command 

Linux Directories
Linux Directories

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